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a clash of kings pdfA Clash of Kings is book 2 in the Game of Thrones PDF series, A Song of Ice and Fire, which is part of an impressive novel and television series by George RR Martin. There are seven Game of Thrones volumes to date with the first being published on the 16th, November 1998 in the UK. Both a Clash Of Kings and A Game of Thrones, which was the first book, won the Locus Award and were also both nominated for the Nebula Award for best novel.
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A Clash of Kings portrays the story of the Seven Kingdoms of Westeros during a war. A civil war to be precise. The Night Watch (whom are a fleet of dedicated men who patrol the walls) send out a group to investigate the Wildling or otherwise known as Free Folk (those people who lived beyond the walls independently, without any central order or rulership). Meanwhile, Daenerys Targaryen still persist in her plans to once again the Seven Kingdoms.


A Clash of Kings, is the 2nd book in the George R.R. Martin’s book series, “A Song of Fire and Ice”. We begin after the death of King Robert Baratheon. Despite the strange circumstances surrounding his death, it’s time for a new King to be named. The crown is then passed to Robert’s son, Joffrey Baratheon.


Amonst King Joffrey’s first act as King, he orders the beheading of Eddard Stark. This obviously doesn’t sit well with Eddard’s son Robb Stark or any of his family members. In light of his father’s passing Robb Stark, has now become the new head of house Stark. Along with this he also has been bestowed the title the King of the North. This title signifying the North’s new desires to be an independent kingdom, with their own King.

Though Joffrey is the rightful heir to the throne, being Robert’s son. Stannis and Renly Baratheon, have their own respective desires for the crown. Stannis being the oldest of the Baratheon brothers, truly believes himself to be the rightful heir to the throne. Thus he acquires the aid of a strange priestess, by the name of Melisandre. The dark clouds of the approaching brother’s quarrel loom over the Baratheon family.

Meanwhile, we journey to the wall to catch up with the men of the Night’s Watch. Jeor Mormont is leading a fairly large portion of his men on an expedition into the forests. This is to uncover the reason for the recent disappearances of the wildling population. The wildlings are a group of more or less primitive people, who reside within camps in the wild. The wildings are also the sworn enemies of the Night’s Watch, which may lead the reader to interpret Mormont’s expedition as one out of suspicion. During their journey, Jeor’s men, encounter wildings but not without danger in ensuing. Jon Snow finds himself in very tricky circumstances where he manages to survive and infiltrate one of the wildings camps. After some time spent with the wildlings, Jon is informed about some of their activity and also a pending attack on the Wall.

We shift out gaze to the East and the reader joins our Dothraki queen Daenerys. Daenerys on her quest to regain her throne, leads the fatigued Khalasar through very tough terrain. The group is in search of supplies, wealth and allies to aide Daenerys on her quest. But soon run into a couple difficulties. One hurdle being an assassin was ordered to take the live our queen.

Back in the North Robb is trying to mend relations with the Greyjoys in hope of forming an alliance. To accomplish this Robb Stark sends Theon Greyjoy to negotiate with the head of the Greyjoy family. Theon’s father rejects this proposal and declares his own plans for his attainment of the throne. Theon betrays Robb and joins in his father’s crusade to become King as he sets out to lay siege on Winterfell. Speaking of Winterfell, young Bran Stark has been left in charge of the forenamed town. Can you imagine how responsible and mature he is? How many children you know could handle such a position? In his time as temporary lord, Bran manages to keep the town’s affairs in order, he befriends Jojen and Meera Reed. These events aren’t long before Theon distasteful attack on Winterfell.

Theon and his men seize Winterfell, capture Bran and Rickon as potential bargaining pieces, while murdering many others within the town. Bran, Rickon, Bran’s dire wolf Summer, Hodor, and Osha, manage to escape the malicious grasp of Theon. Theon to cover his treacherous rump even goes so far as to pretend to kill Bran and Rickon Stark. This is met with the disapproval of many and Theon also becomes trapped in Winterfell. Due to his lack of man power and also direness of his situation, Theo seeks the aide of Ramsay Bolton. Ramsay Bolton and his entourage betray Theon, which leads to Theon himself being captured.
Widowed Catelyn Stark has made her way to the lands ruled by Renly Baratheon to hopefully intervene between the Baratheon brothers conflict. Renly has a large army at his disposal for his conquest of the throne. Despite this army, he is murdered the night before his awaited clash with Stannis for the right to rule from the Iron throne. Catelyn witnesses these events and proclaims Renly was killed by a shadowy figure in the shape of Stannis. Being cautious to avoid being labeled as the culprits, Catelyn escapes with Brienne of Tarth and goes rejoin Robb.

There are also many interesting events unfolding with young Arya Stark and further events with our queen Daenerys. However, while these stories unfold, Stannis after gaining the support of Renly’s allies, creates a massive army and journeys to King’s Landing. Tyrion makes precautions when he gains winds of Stannis intentions. The 2nd verse of the Song of Fire and Ice reveals the amazing outcomes of these events as it truly unveils a clash between kings!

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